When you get that job you’ve always wanted, you are beloved.

When you walk down the halls of your school, you are beloved.

When your best friend leaves you in the dust, you are beloved.

When your mom is diagnosed with cancer, you are beloved.

When you can’t do it anymore, you are beloved.

When God made you: YOU WERE BELOVED.

When He saved you from your sin: YOU WERE BELOVED.

If you’re a daughter of God: YOU ARE BELOVED.

Every moment of every day, you are beloved. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it; I know.

BUT DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BELIEVE THAT LIE. This is why we’re Oh Beloved One. Because, in all our material we want to remind you that God loves you and because of that our highest calling in life is to love Him by bringing Him glory.



It’s something that everyone is looking for in life. Those quiet whisperings that take hold of your heart in the stillness of the night; that’s your Lord and Savior giving you a dream that He hopes you’ll use to bring Him glory.

Oh Beloved One was started as one of those dreams in February of 2012 as a newsletter for girls who loved reading and writing. Its founder, Amanda Brown, was one of those kids that got in trouble for always reading. Once she turned 13, she realized that there wasn’t a lot of good reading material out there for Christian girls, especially in the area of magazines. So she grabbed a group of friends and started a bimonthly newsletter.

From there, Oh Beloved One has evolved into an e-magazine and blog whose goal is simply this: to bring glory back to the One who loved us first. We exist to celebrate just how much we as young ladies are loved by the King of the Universe (hence the name) but also to remember that we are not loved because we are worthy in and of ourselves. God chose us because of His character, not ours.

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mission statement

Writing all to encourage knowledge and deep-thinking;

Learning all about the world around us;

Doing all to the utmost of our ability;

Loving all with a selfless love;

Pursuing all to live our best life.

what we do

e-magazine: This bimonthly e-magazine is 100% free, 100% clean, and 100% fun. Written by likeminded girls between the ages of 14 and 24, each year brings a new theme that we look at from a Christian perspective. We strive to be real and fresh.

blog: Enjoy weekly posts on the real and hard things of life. Amanda tackles topics from depression to growing in your prayer life, making friends to growing during new chapters of life.

email list: The Reevaluation Revolution is a monthly email with a verse, printable, short challenge, and word study to help you grow in your walk with Christ.

behind the name

Oh Beloved One was started under a different, much harder to spell name: South Kakalaki Girl (SKGfun for short). Long story short, never allow a 12-year-old spelling master to name anything.

As Amanda grew up, her blog grew with her. In 2018, Amanda began wondering seriously what her Project’s future would be. Surely she couldn’t end it? But the vision was growing dim, her passion failing.

Then she worked at a camp over the summer. Over those amazing weeks, God spoke to her in such clear ways Amanda couldn’t help but be revived with the joy of how God could use such a tiny clay jar as her. He had given her a love for words, both written and verbal. He had providentially brought her to learn graphic design at the age of 12. Amanda realized she could use these talents for His glory, and she already had the platform to do it.

Because of that, she decided to change SKGfun’s name. Almost as soon as she decided on that, the name came to mind: “Oh Beloved One.” The word beloved can be found throughout the Bible. It’s used of God when He speaks to His people and it just encompasses our identity in Him. It is also used in Colossians 3:12-17). We are called “the elect of God, holy and BELOVED.”

Another inspiration came in the form of a story her friend Hannah told her while at camp. “Whenever my friend messed up,” Hannah said, her eyes lighting up, “she’d tell me she’d just imagine God in Heaven smiling, sighing, and saying: ‘Oh beloved.'”