Amanda Brown

Loves Emily Dickinson poems, happily ever afters, and the color yellow. Visionary. Encourager. The type of person that brings three bags of pens with her to school everyday. 

Amanda Brown is the dreamer behind Oh Beloved One. She is currently a junior studying graphic design at Bob Jones University. You can read more about how she started Oh Beloved One here. More than anything, Amanda wants to be a help to those who feel stuck, brokenhearted, or purposeless. Maybe you’ve grown up Christian, but you just don’t feel it’s real for you. Maybe you’re struggling with depression and just feel you can’t ever come back. Well, here’s the good news: YOU CAN. Through her honest but witty and entertaining blog posts, Amanda hopes to help girls draw near to the God whose steadfast love is never failing.

insta: personal and corporate // journal

Rachel Brown

Math AND art smart. Caregiver. Makes the most amazing brownies in the whole entire solar system. Business owner.

Rachel Brown, sister to Amanda Brown, is behind a lot of, well, EVERYTHING you see. Amanda bounces ideas off of Rachel constantly. Rachel is the constant steady Amanda needs. You’ll see her in lots of our old videos on Youtube and in practically every picture Amanda posts.


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