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Someone Needs You

Did you see that? SOMEONE NEEDS YOU!! <3 Remember those days you needed someone? Why not flip it and be the person someone needs. Learn more at

We all have bad days.

Sometimes they’re really bad days. It’s only the fifth week of school and already I’ve had a few meltdowns (you too?? glad to know i’m not alone).

But during these moments of sheer panic and stress, God reminded me of His existence. He didn’t have to in such obvious ways, but He did anyway. One day He encouraged me through a “random” letter I got in the mail (it wasn’t just encouraging; it even had biblical truths in it and reminders of God’s love). The other time, it was literally “just” a hug.

Remember your bad days? Didn’t you need someone?

Maybe you can be that someone! 

This is a challenge for you to BE THE PERSON SOMEONE NEEDS.

– why –

Because we were all made in the image of God.

In my Bible class, we’ve been talking about how the image of God changes everything. EVERY human that’s ever been born, good or bad, rich or poor, has been made in the image of God. This gives EVERY human value; that gives every human a reason to treat all other humans with kindness!

It gives us a reason to care about whether the people around us had a good day.

It gives us a reason to go out of our way to show people they’re loved and purposeful.

– when –

(Mondays aren’t the only day we need encouragement)

There’s been some times when I’ve found out later that a friend had a bad day. I    feel super awful because I     didn’t know about it! So why wait to find out laterMost people don’t go around screeching about how horrible their day has been.

So just do it! You never know if God may use you to be just what someone needed. You may be the instrument He uses to achieve His promises to

  • Never leave us
  • Never forsake us
  • Heal us in our afflictions
  • Bind up our wounds
  • Go before us
  • Send the armies of Heaven to assist us
  • Empower us to do the things we think we can’t

– how –

This is the part I    always love: application!! Make it real! What use are all these words if you just say, “Oh, that’s nice” and click out of this post? So here’s just a list of some ways you could make someone’s day. Add more in the comments below!

  1. Have a spare minute? Write Bible verses or encouraging quotes on Post-It notes and stick them to cars in your school’s parking deck/parking lot.
  2. Drop candy or donuts off at a friend’s dorm.
  3. Buy a friend coffee.
  4. Simply send a text saying you’re praying for them.
  5. Write a letter and list out the reasons the person is special.
  6. Take time to have lunch with them.
  7. Volunteer to go on a stress run/bike ride with a friend. Or just kick a soccer ball!
  8. Buy a dozen roses and give them to the single girls you know.
  9. Write a thank you letter to someone that’s made a difference in your life (a teacher, a parent, a next door neighbor, a pastor, etc.!).
  10. Write an encouraging note on a napkin at your cafeteria and leave it on the table for the next person.
  11. Get to know the people that work behind the scenes at your school: the food service people, the janitor/cleaning people, etc. You never know how far a simple “thank you” can go!
  12. Make a care package for a friend, faraway or close by. Theme it super cute (may I suggest yellow and sunflowers?)
  13. Give a hug.

Are there any other ways you can think of to encourage friends (or even people you don’t know?)

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